How to Check Chipotle Gift Card Balance Online USA 2024

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Check Chipotle Gift Card Balance | how do i check my chipotle gift card balance

Chipotle serves tasty Mexican food to customers . People wait in queue to order their favorite food from Chipotle . If you buy gift card from Chipotle you will get tasty food at discounted price , You need to track your available balance in your gift card , otherwise you may completely exhaust your gift card balance and don’t notice . So this can cause problem for you in difficult situations . Like other cards , you can easily check your Chipotle gift card balance to avoid running out of balance

how to check chipotle gift card balance

There are different methods by which you can check your Chipotle gift card balance , First method is to check balance by calling on number 1-877-925-4878 , second method is to send mail to Chipotle email address , Third method is to visit their website , Fourth Method is to Visit store near you or far to you which is open . these methods are discussed in detail below

1 Chipotle gift card balance phone number

You can call on number 1-877-925-4878 and you will get automatic message from them , You need to know your account number , Sometimes they ask you to confirm your phone number , email and other details for your safety .

2 Chipotle gift card balance check by mail

You can also check your chipotle gift card balance by mail , you need to send email to , You must need your 16 digit account number and phone number . And you need to write your email subject as “Gift Card Balance” .

3 Check Chipotle card balance online | how to use chipotle gift card online

You can go to Chipotle website to know your gift card balance easily , You need to visit website , After going to this website select Check Gift Card Balance Option to know your gift card balance online . There are other options to buy gift card online and reload gift card , you can select options according to your needs.

4 Nearest chipotle store | Chipotle store near me

You can check your Chipotle gift card balance by visiting your nearest chipotle store or resort . You need to provide your Gift card to Customer Service Provided person and he / she will tell you your balance , If you don’t know your nearest store location . then you can search “Chipotle Store” on Google Maps and and you can also know your nearest store location by calling customer care number above and by visting this link

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