How to change your text to speech voice on tiktok USA 2024

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Tiktok bring many revolutions to video streaming Platform and gave competition to other video streamoing apps , it qwas first started as Lip syncing app . There are many video trends going on Tiktok , One such trend is Text to Speech A.I. . Text to Speech A.I. let users to turn their text , captions to Voice . but many peoples are wondering how to change text to speech voice on tiktok , So this tutorial will guide you to Understand how to change the text to speech voice on tiktok easily .

How to change text to speech voice on tiktok

Right now there is not much voices in Tiktok Speech to Text function . If you want some paid software with more voices and more functions , then you can read this post . If you want to use tiktok text to voice function then you can follow below steps to turn your text to speech easily in Tiktok .

how to change the text to speech voice on tiktok

1 Update Your Tiktok to latest Version

Many App functions not work if your app is not updated , so make sure your tiktok app is updated to get all latest functions , sometimes latest functions are only available on updated apps . You can search for tiktok in Apple Store or Android Playstore and there will be written update , if any update is available , from there you can update your app easily and get latest function that app offer .

2 Record Video / Upload Video

You should keep in mind what you want to say in video and your text to speech length can be upto length of video you are uploading . Once you record the video , press tick mark on lower right side of screen to continue , after that you can add text to speech function .

3 Enter Your Text For Text to Speech Function


Enter the text you want for text to speech and press done , this will add a text box over the video . From here you can continue for next step.

How to change your text to speech voice on tiktok

4 Tap on Screen to get Text To Speech Option


With entered text into video , when you tap on textbox then three options will appear

1 Text to speech

2 Set Duration

3 Edit

and tiktok’s text to speech a.i. will read your text over the video .

5 Save Your Video in Phone


In next part we will get different options , Once your video is ready , save the video to device , Make sure save to device option is active and post it privately .

6 Download Video Editing App with Voice Modifiers

In next part , you need to download video editing app , you can use any video edition app of your choice , Add video to app and search for function Voice changer or Voice Modifier . This will bring a lot of functions , Many free video editing apps leave their watermarks so make sure to use Good video edition app or premium Video Editing App. We have used app named Voicemod Clips to create text to speech video in Tiktok .

How to change the voice on tiktok text to speech

7 Edit Video , Resave

Once you have saved your video from tiktok , then you can open that video clip in Video Editing app for Editing again , here you can edit audio of video like any normal video , and you can apply filters of your choice on video for better results .

8 Upload Video on Tiktok

Now you have edited new video , you can save it in device and then open tiktok app to upload your new video , If you have any other question related to tiktok then you can ask in comments .

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