How to get Cash from a Visa gift card PayPal Venmo USA 2024

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Can you turn a Visa gift card into Cash?

Converting Visa gift card into cash can be great to use cash to buy anything you need , which otherwise you can’t buy with Visa Gift Card . Converting Visa Gift card to cash is simple and will be discussed in following list .

Maybe someone have gift you gift card or you have buy it during some promotional event . Many stores offer discount if you buy Gift card from them . This can save you some money because actual price of gift card is higher and you are getting it on discount .

You may got Visa Gift Card from some survey website , Website like Swagbucks offer this time to time again , You can earn Gift cards of many websites by watching videos , Playing Games , Searching on Internet and many more things .

Now you got Gift card from somewhere and you are struggling to figure what to do with this card and if you can get cash in exchange of this card so that you can spend cash wherever you want ,

how to get cash from a gift card | Visa gift card to cash

There are many different ways of getting cash from Visa Gift card , in some cases you will get actual cash , and in other cases you will get to buy your favorite item which you can’t buy . Few website offer you cash deposit to your bank account , you can then withdraw it when you want , You can see each method and then decide which one is easier for you to convert Visa gift cards to cash . and you can also decide by fees of each method , some methods have higher fees than other methods , some have less fees . So we will discuss different methods below

1 Use Gift card to buy Gift card

Use Gift card to buy Gift card

If you want to buy some item from a particular store or website and that website don’t accept visa gift card or there is higher fees on visa gift card or some other reason then you can buy that website gift card with Visa Gift card and then use that card to purchase your favorite item , Sometime there are also offers on buying Gift cards of different ways so in that way you want save your money and get more benefits . Some of famous online Store which offer heavy discounts are Amazon , Walmart , Starbucks

2 Get Money from Visa Gift card to PayPal

PayPal gives you option to add your Prepaid Card , including Visa Gift card and other Cards to your PayPal Wallet . This means you are then able to treat that balance like cash to buy your favorite items from Stores which accept PayPal , PayPal is now available as payment option on every top store .

This also means that you can transfer that amount in your Visa Gift Card to your Linked Bank account directly , Keep in mind PayPal charges you 3% fees in most of cases for doing transactions .

How to get Cash from Prepaid Visa Debit Card to PayPal or Bank

Below are the steps you can follow to get cash from your prepaid visa debit card to PayPal

  • Login to PayPal account
  • Select “Wallet” Option at top of Page
  • Click on “Link a card or bank” option from left side . you will also find this option below your previously linked card and bank
  • Click Continue to proceed to next step
  • Then Add your Visa Card Details and Click “Link Card”

There is chance that you may get error linking your Gift card to your PayPal account , you have to first register your gift card with the issuer , you can contact your issuer and tell about this problem , they will resolve it . After that PayPal will accept it .

3 Convert Visa Gift Card to Cash Venmo

Adding your Gift Card to Venmo account is similar to adding your Visa Gift Card to PayPal account . This can be better option than adding your Visa gift Card to PayPal account because PayPal charges you around 3% fees and Venmo don’t charge any price to transfer your money to Bank Account . You have to select Instant Transfer Option . Otherwise there can be delay in money transferring and it can take up to 3 days to transfer money to your bank account .

To turn visa gift card into cash Venmo app , you need to open Venmo App and find the option to add Gift Cards . There are chances that you may get warning message for fraud prevention . You need to try again or you can call Venmo Customer Support and talk to them to resolve your issue , if you face some issue .

4 Pay bills with Visa Gift Card

If you use your Visa Gift Card to Pay Bills , it will be same as getting cash from your Visa Gift Card , If you have saved some money to pay certain Bills , you can put that money in pocket and pay from Gift Card . Some websites treat gift card as credit card so you have to find how much interest they are charging on your gift card , you can then decide is it beneficial for you to Pay bills with gift card or not .

Not all websites and companies will allow you to pay bills with Visa Gift Card but you will be able to use your Gift card to buy Credit for you Phone , Gas , Groceries , or paying to some subscription app .

5 Sell Gift Cards kiosk near me

One of the best way of getting cash in exchange of your visa gift card is to find Kiosk gift card exchange near you , Kiosk Gift Card exchange are usually yellow in color and you may find them in Shopping Malls and Super Markets. You can also search keyword “kiosk gift card exchange near me” in google map or google to find your nearest Kiosk Exchange Gift Card location .


You need to enter your gift card information in Kiosk , you will then proceed with different offers on your gift card ,once your have selected the offer you want , then you will be given the voucher , you can take it voucher to cashier and take money from him / her .

6 Visa Gift Card to Cash App


Other best option is to sell your visa prepaid gift card that will buy gift card from you and resell it . This can be really quick way to convert your gift card to cash but the fees can be higher on some apps , so you can check other options before proceeding to this option .

For example there is an app developed by Raise , which does this work for iOS and Android users , but they take 15% commission from exchanging your gift card .

There is one more app name Prepaid2cash , this website also offer app for both iOS and Android , This app work in different way in Trading your Gift Card . You have to tell them the brand of your card ( in current case its Visa ) , Then they send you offer for your card , if you like the offer and money they are offering then you can accept the offer and they will deposit the money into 5 business days mostly .

They will charge you up to 8 – 15 % , you can get up to 92% cash from your gift card value .

7 Sell Visa Gift Cards Online Instantly

There are many websites where you can sell your gift card and get cash , Above mentioned websites also buy gift cards on website and they buy gift cards on App too , There are some other websites which are popular and safe to use . Some other websites which offer cash in exchange of Gift Cards are Gift Card Granny and Card Cash , If you have digital gift card then it will be easier to sell it online . IF you have Physical card then some of these websites offer money for postage to send card to them so that you don’t loose more money .

Just like app fees , there will be fees of websites too to sell your gift card , so make sure to read first , what amount are they charging for their service . and you can also search reviews about that website on Google to know weather website is real and the sellers who sell their Gift cards before are happy or not .

8 Sell visa gift cards for cash near me

You can sell you visa gift card to your family and friends also , and you can ask you family members if they want to buy somethings online from some store which accept visa gift card , In that way you wan take money from them directly and make purchase with your card , This is also safe method than other methods and also you will get 100% money back that is contained in card ,or additionally you can offer them some discount if you want .

9 Sell gift card online instant payment

You can also sell your gift card online to different classified websites and can offer your custom websites , you can sell gift card on websites like eBay , Facebook , Reddit . There are groups on reddit and Facebook for gift card exchange . But this method is not safe , there can be chances that other person don’t pay . If other person is trusted then you can sell your Gift card otherwise above method is better .

10 Buy Money Order with Visa Gift Card

you may be thinking , can you buy a money order with a visa gift card at Walmart ? Stores like Walmart and some groceries stores let you buy Money Order with your via gift card . You can check availability of this offer by calling on Walmart Customer care number , or some other store of your choice .

One you have buy money order with your gift card , you then then deposit your Gift card to bank account and take cash out or use it with your choice .

11 Give Gift Cards to Homeless or Needy


You can give gift card to some needy person , or someone from your family and friends . For example if someone have birthday and you want to give some present to them , you can give them your Gift card and money that you spend on another Present , will be saved and that person can use gift card to buy things which he / she . like to buy . its like giving cash to them to buy their favorite present . And you can also give your gift card to some homeless so that he / she can buy food and other things .

12 Visa Gift Card to Cash Buying Online and Selling items

This methods take extra steps than other steps , but it can return you more money than your card have . You can use your Visa Gift card to buy different products that are in demand and then you can resell that products to earn money . You can buy products from some low price website like Alibaba or some other website and then you can sell that product for 50% or 100% more money on eBay , Amazon and other websites . You can read below post to understand where else you can sell your Gift Card to get cash

Where can i use Amazon Gift Card besides Amazon

13 Buy Cryptocurrency with Visa Gift Card | Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card Coinbase

Using this method you can make more money but this method also take more time than other methods , You can also buy cryptocurrency with visa gift card and then transfer your money to your bank account for instant cash outs , Using Cryptocurrency you can also earn profit and it is more easier than above method , There are many websites which accept Visa Gift Card to Buy Cryptocurrency . some websites like Paxful , LocalBitcoins allow you to buy Cryptocurrency with Visa Gift Cards.

how to check Visa Gift Card Balance

If you want to check your visa gift card balance online , then you can open below link to go to Visa official website to check your visa gift card balance

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