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How to see a Private Instagram Account 2022 USA

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how to view a private instagram account 2022

Here are top 5 tricks on how to see a private instagram account 2021 , Instagram is very famous social media website and have more than 1 billion users . Many creators are instagram like to share content with more and more audience but some creators like to keep it private , They keep their profile photos and videos private , and they show their profile content to limited people who are known to them and users which they approve as follower on instagram . There are mainly two types of Account on instagram Private account and Public accounts .

Private account vs Public account Instagram

The default or new account on Instagram is public account . This means everyone on Instagram can view what you have shared on your profile , However from August 2021 news users who have age below 16 years will have private account by default . They can change it to public account from settings

how to make instagram account private


If you want to make your Instagram account private then follow below steps

  • Open Instagram app and open your account .
  • Select three lines option from top right side of app .
  • Select Settings Option .
  • Then Select Privacy Option .
  • Then Turn On Private Account Option .
  • Then Select OK option to Make your Instagram account Private

Once you made your Instagram account Private , then no one can see it , your profile pic will be visible to other users and your bio will also be visible to other users , All other things will be hidden . Then your account will look like below screenshot


If for some reason you need to see Instagram private account photos and other things then here are some tricks , you can use to view view Instagram private account photos free . Below are some tips and tricks you can use to view content of Private account easily .

1 Send a Follow Request to Private account

There are some reasons people want their account Private , They want to share their data with the peoples who know them personally . The best way to get your follow request accepted in right way is to send a Follow Request to Private account and hope they will accept your follow request . It depend upon how much time user use Instagram and then He / She can notice your follow request and accept it if they like to accept .

2 Send Message to Private account and Ask them to Request

You can try to send message to private account and talk with private account owner and later ask them to accept your request . Some Private accounts don’t allow messages from everyone while other allow messages from everyone , you can try to send message and talk to user and then its easy for you .

3 Do google Search of Instagram Private Profile

You can try to search Instagram private account name on Google to find data related to that profile , Sometime google show data of Instagram Profiles in Search , You can try to search by typing name of Instagram profile and then write Instagram at end and search to find data related to that Instagram Profile . If that profile is public before then you can find data related to it , f that profile is private from start then data will not be available and even if profile is public before not every profile data is shown in google , you can try to search and hope you find some data related to that profile

4 Instagram private account viewer app no human verification

There are some apps and website which claims that you can view data of Private Instagram account , but I don’t think that apps will work , I am mentioning some apps that are famous

I have not tested these apps but these type of apps are dangerous for you , I think they can contain Spyware or Adware and if you use such apps then your data can be in danger too , so be careful while using these apps , There are some more tricks which you can use and which should work .

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5 Create a fake account on Instagram and follow Private account


This method is against terms and service of Instagram and if you use this method for some bad intension then cyber police and arrest you , So only use for some good reason ,If the private account which you wanna access is of your friend and you have some argument and you unfollow each other , then you can create a new account and make follow request to that account and hope they will accept , According to some experts on Internet If you create fake account of some girl then there of more chances of approval of your request as compared to some boy profile , But if private account is of some girl then this report can be opposite . You can try this in hope to get accepted by private account .

6 Create a Account of Someone known to Private Account Owner

This method is against the terms of Instagram and should not be used unless if you have some good reason , I am sharing it just if you want to use it for some good reason , like finding of some crime or you have argument with your bf / gf and you want to talk to them again or some other positive reason . This method will only work if you are known to that person and you know profiles which that account follow or their knows persons , you can create account with their names and then send them follow request on private account and talk with them . I am not responsible if you use any of these methods in wrong way , Above methods should be use for positive work only , IF you face some problem , then you can comment below and ask your question and your suggestions .

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