Macy’s gift card balance check number online USA 2024

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How do i check Macy’s gift card balance

Gift cards can be great present to give to your love one’s – your family and friends . You can use gift cards on your favorite stores to get good discounts . And for that you should know how much balance do you have in your gift card . There are several ways of finding your gift card balance , we will discuss how can you find Macy,s Gift card balance number Offline and Online.

How to check Macy’s gift card balance

You can check your Macy’s gift card balance online by visiting Macy’s official website . The second method is to call Macy’s customer care number on  1-800-511-2752 . This is toll free number to find your Macy’s gift card balance . The third method is to Visit your nearest Macy’s store . Security code must be scratched before scanning your card on Price Scanner . All these methods are discussed in detail below , you will know what other things do you need to find your gift card balance .

1 how to check Macy’s gift card balance online

  • You can visit Macy’s Gift Card Online Website by clicking here .
  • You need 15 digit Gift card number and 3 digit or 4 digit CID number ( Available on back side of card under Scratch off Panel ) .
  • If you face problem while solving Captcha , you can clear your browser’s cache and history and cookies or try other browser .
  • If you enter your Gift card number wrong for more than 2 times then it will be locked for 24 hours for security reasons
  • You can call Macy’s customer care to unblock card and finding more details about your Account .

2 Macy gift card balance check toll free number

  • You can call on number 1-800-511-2752 to find your Macy,s Gift card balance.
  • You need to provide gift card number and CID number to Customer care officer for verification .
  • You may asked to provide email and confirm phone number for checking your balance over phone .
  • Please Read about Macys-gift-card-fraud-prevention before giving your Gift card number and CID number to anyone unknown to you .

3 Macy’s Store Near Me

You can check your Macy’s gift card balance by visiting your nearest Macy’s store . You need to provide your card to customer service person there to know your balance , if there are Price Scanner available , you can scan your card and find your gift card balance yourself , If you don’t know about your nearest Macy’s store , then you can search “Macy’s store” in Google Map to find your nearest stores . Or you can use below link to find Macy’s stores from Macy’s store locator from Macy’s store Official website .

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