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How to recover deleted Instagram messages 2023 Android iPhone

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How to recover deleted Instagram messages 2022 Android
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How to recover deleted Instagram messages 2022 Android

Can you recover deleted Instagram messages | how to recover deleted messages on Instagram 2023

Instagram messages are great way to connect with family and friends . You can message someone about Instagram stories or directly message someone on Instagram . And sometime you may accidentally delete some messages or purposefully delete messages and later realize you need to read that messages again . Can you recover that messages , There are a number of ways you can do it , but it is different for different cases , you can try to find if it work for you .

How to recover deleted messages on Instagram on Android | how to recover deleted messages on Instagram 2023 iPhone

You may be wondering if its possible to recover deleted Instagram messages . There are different answers for different cases . In some time if message is deleted recently then you are able to recover it and if it was deleted a long time ago then it is difficult to recover that message . You can also use third party apps for Android and iPhone to recover deleted messages . These apps access cookies of your phone and if message is deleted recently then you can recover it easily . Android then there is data recovery option from Instagram which you can use to recover photos , videos and even messages on Instagram . First we will talk about official Instagram method to recover deleted messages .

How to recover deleted messages on Instagram online

In short , you can try these methods

1 Login to Instagram from some browser ( Google Chrome , Opera , Safari or Other ) , Not from Instagram App

2 Select Privacy and Security Settings Option

3 Scroll down and Select Data Download , Select Request Download Option

4 Confirm your details and wait for an Email

5 Click on Download link to start downloading your data

6 Open the File and Check Messages Folder For Your Deleted Messages

Here are these steps in detail

Step 1

Open in browser


Step 2

Login to your Instagram Account

Step 3

Select Profile Option


Step 4

Click on Edit Profile Option


Step 5

Click on Privacy and Security Option


Step 6

Click on Request Download Option


Step 7

Click Next and Confirm Your Email and Choose Information Format as Html


Step 8

Enter your password and Click on Request Download


Step 9

When You receive email , Click on Download Information Option , This will bring you back to Instagram , It may ask you to login again to verify your identity


Step 10

Click on Download Information , This link will be valid for 2 weeks , so you should download it within 2 weeks otherwise you need to request again for this link


Step 11

Open messages folder to see your deleted messages . It must be noted that it will contain information available on Instagram servers , So it may not contain deleted messages sometimes .

How can I restore deleted messages from Instagram using third party Apps

You can recover deleted messages using third party apps for Android and iPhone . There are tons of app which perform function of restoring data and messages . These apps are available in Android Play Store and Apple App Store One of the best app to restore deleted data and deleted messages on Facebook and Instagram , is Kids Guard Pro .

You can search for this app in Apple App Store and Google Play Store . This App is available in both stores . This app also allow you to retrieve messages from other top Social media apps

How to use kidsguard for Instagram

1 Go to KidsGuard web portal from any device and log into your account . Also note you need a pre existing account, and signup process is simple and free .

2 After login , Go to dashboard of the Application and select “Social Apps” option . From that list Select Instagram , then you will be able to See Instagram messages .

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