Where can i use Amazon Gift Card besides Amazon USA 2024

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how to transfer amazon gift card balance to bank account

Amazon gift cards are becoming first choice for gifts ,birthday presents , holidays gifts , Christmas present and many more things . But if some of your friend or family member gift you a gift card and you want to buy some product that is not available on Amazon . Then you might think if you got cash instead of this gift card it will be better for you . or If you want to use some local product available near you , which you want to buy , but Amazon gift cards are not available there , Then there are some ways which can help you to get real cash instead of Gift card

Free amazon gift card codes generator 2024

You can win gift cards from amazon by signing Amazon affiliate program , and referring peoples to buy any products from Amazon , even if your family member buy some product , you will get some percent of commission , Here are best ways to get Amazon Gift Card For Free .

1 Start a Website , Blog , YouTube Channel or any other method to refer people to buy products from your generated link . Sign up Amazon Associates Program and Earn Money and Gift Cards .

2 Use Amazon trade-in-Program and exchange your old gadgets for money and gift cards , You can exchange your electronic items , Video games and more for Amazon Gift cards .

3 Earn Amazon Gift Cards by participating in Online Surveys from famous websites like Swagbucks , Mturk , Survey Junkie and More , There can be some fake websites from gift cards survey also , so make sure to check authenticity of website before survey .

We will discuss all the methods we can use to get cash from Amazon Gift card or alternatives of using Amazon Gift cards on Other websites than Amazon . All below methods works perfectly for US peoples . If you are from some other country and want to use these services then you can use some VPN to set Location to USA and enjoy these benefits .

1 Sell or Redeem Amazon Gift Card for Cash

There are many websites which allow you to sell your Amazon Gift Card and Get Cash . Some famous websites for getting cash from Amazon Gift card are

These websites allow you to sell your gift card in exchange of direct cash . Generally gift cards are sold at 2- 15 percent less price than its value . For Example if your gift card have 100$ balance , you can expect nearly 90$ price cash for that card .

These websites are highly secure because they verify each user manually , you can sell your gift cards easily on these websites , For example Gameflip require users to upload government id and selfie . And it’ll take unto 2 – 3 days to verify your identity manually . When then buyer receives your gift card code , redeems and complete his / her transaction , the money get deposited into your account which you can withdraw anytime later . And also these websites charge you some small amount of commission when you make sale .

It is to be noted that these methods will not work if you have Gift Card Redeem Code , If you have redeemed the code in your Amazon Account , then you will not able to sell it on these websites . If you have redeemed Amazon Gift card in your account then you can buy Google Play redeem code with that and then you can Sell Google Play Gift Card on these Websites .

2 How to sell gift card on Ebay

eBay is different from above websites to sell your gift card . eBay is very popular website in world and it have better reach than above websites . eBay can be use to sell different type of products but above websites deals mostly in products related that gift card , banking . If you know how to sell product on eBay you can try to search which products are trending now and then you can buy theta product from Amazon in less price and then sell on eBay for higher price to earn profit and real cash .

You can also list your product before you buy it and if someone buy then then you can buy it to remain safe and earn extra profit . and Then you can shit it directly from Amazon to your seller and enjoy your margin .

3 Buy bitcoin with Amazon gift card balance

If you know a little about Bit coin and other coins then you can buy Cryptocurrency with your gift card and then you can get cash from it . You can invest in cryptocurrency and earn extra commission with it . But make sure to buy cryptocurrency when its price is showing in – as compared to previous 24 hours , then there are chances that cryptocurrency price and go up and you can earn your profit easily , Some of famous websites which allow you to Buy / Sell cryptocurrency with Amazon Gift Cards are given below .

  1. Paxaful
  2. Purse
  3. Local Bit Coins

These websites work like both parties which are involved in it need to agree to the exchange rate . Every Cryptocurrency website work like this , website owner take some percent of commission from every trade . But it will get covered when you earn big profit from Cryptocurrency .

After buying cryptocurrency , you can transfer bit coin to your favorite website , Some Top and safe cryptocurrency wallet websites are

  1. Coinbase
  2. Binance
  3. Robinhood

You can get cash to your bank directly from these websites you can also use these website to order some product online , Many websites now accept these websites as payment method .

4 Sell gift card on Facebook | Sell amazon gift card reddit

Social Media websites like Facebook and Reddit and top places where you can sell your Gift cards easily . But sometimes the other person who is buying your Gift card is not Trustworthy If you sell your gift card directly and if you sell your Gift card and he don’t pay you money , you can’t do anything about it . You can report to cyber police and other things but still its not best place to sell your Gift cards online . If you can post on your timeline and someone from your friend list want to buy it then it will be safe for you to sell and get high cash amount in return .

Reddit website have a special subreddit /r/giftcardexchange/ for trading unused and unwanted Gift Cards . Seller require to create a post include all the details and interesting parties will contact seller to make exchange happen .

Facebook also have its own p 2 p ( peer 2 peer ) platform for exchanging and buy sell different products , Facebook peer to peer Platform is called Facebook Marketplace .

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5 Shop for some Family Member or Friend

You can contact your family members and ask if they are planning to buy something from Amazon , You can use your gift card there for different products and get cash from your Family members , In that way you will get full 100 % value of cash in your Gift card , Also you can offer them some discount or some other help and you can buy that product and take cash . It will be much safer than selling Online to some unknown person . and also there will be full return or higher return than other methods .

6 Buy Google play gift card with Amazon pay | buy apple store gift card on amazon


If you but some products from Google Play , like Games , Apps , Audio books , movies and more then you can use you unused Amazon gift card to buy that products . You need to buy Google Play gift cards on Amazon using your Amazon Gift card , Then you can use that Google Play Gift card to buy products from Google Play .

Below is Screenshot of Using Google Play Gift card purchased from Amazon Website . IF you use ios or Apple Store You can buy Apple Gift Card From Amazon and use


7 Buy App subscription with Amazon Gift Card

Similar to Buying Apple Store Credits or Play Store Credits you can use your Amazon Gift Card to Buy Gift Cards for Your Favorite Streaming Apps . Some of top Streaming Websites like Netflix , Hulu and other website gift cards are available on Amazon , You can buy that Gift Cards and Use that cards to Buy Subscription and Enjoy .

Instead of Paying with Your debit card or credit card you can use your Amazon gift card unused balance to buy Netflix Gift card , you can also sell subscription to some of your know person who don’t have credit or debit card but still want to use Netflix . Some of other websites which have Gift cards in Amazon are Disney + , Spotify and more , you can search for your favorite website gift card on Amazon to find if it is available on Amazon or not , For Example Amazon Prime Video is not available yet .

8 Buy local products online with Amazon Gift Cards

There are some online website from where you can buy grocery and other products with Amazon Gift Card . So next time you want to shop online , you can use Amazon Gift Cards to buy products online from these websites easily , Using this way , you can get full value of money available in your Gift card and also you don’t need to ask some other person for help . I am listing these websites below .

  1. 1800PetSupplies
  2. 686.com
  3. Adam and Eve
  4. All saints.com
  5. Allurez.com
  6. Auto part warehouse
  7. Beach Camera
  8. Bodybuilding.com
  9. Daily Steals
  10. iHome.com

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