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Yiftee gift card balance | Yiftee app | Yiftee Gift Card Reviews

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yiftee gift card balance

Yiftee Gift Card Balance Click Here

Yiftee app Click Here

Yiftee Gift Card Reviews You have to go to website from your pc or mobile . you have to select your recipient by email , facebook , text and then you can buy it with credit card .

Its disadvantage is that ,it is single use card means if you have $10 in your card and you want to buy something for $6 . then your $4 will be wasted . And it have expiry date too , you can’t use it after Expiry date . And it is not know yet to some top Stores don’t know about this Card .

Its advantages are : Your recipient have 4 weeks to pick Gift . Yiftee Mobile have have good UI design . The recipient of Gift Card can accept it , Exchange it or donate it to charity . After 28 days Gift expires and money return to your personal Yiftee account and you can buy another Gift Card .

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