You are currently viewing How to viral youtube shorts video | Viral youtube videos Usa 2024
How to viral youtube shorts video

How to viral youtube shorts video | Viral youtube videos Usa 2024

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Youtube shorts is short video platform which is developed by youtube to compete with other short video apps like tiktok , instagram reels , Users can Earn Money with YouTube ,It is in beta testing mode yet but it still shows ads in desktop version . We will discuss about how we can viral youtube videos in Usa in 2024 .

How to viral YouTube shorts video in 2024

How to viral youtube shorts video

Top 5 tricks to viral youtube videos Usa 2024

1 Seo 2 Use #shorts 3 Use Viral Instagram Reels 4 Maintain Vertical Size 5 Small video title 

1 Seo ( Search Engine Optimisation )
First strategy in ranking your video is to Use Seo ,  Seo is advance topic but here is simple trick to do seo , you need to search video title or video related keywords in google and then go to end of google , then you can go to end to search results , there you will see search results which peoples are searching  related to your keyword , you can choose any results related to your video and use that search item as title

Youtube shorts hashtags for views 2024

2 Use #shorts in video Title

You need to use #shorts in videos to get better ranking in YouTube , you can also use other keywords as hash in video , like #fitness or any keywords related to your video to get better results , you can run different experiments and see which one is benefitting and use that hashtags.

how to upload youtube shorts from mobile

3  Use Viral Instagram Reels

You can download viral Instagram reels which are trending on Instagram . Download app named Snap Mate from playstore to download instagram videos , and then download instagram reels with that app and use them , but only use videos that are posted by some page not by some real person , if you post some person video , and if that person have copyright , then your channel can get copyright strike.

Youtube shorts size ratio in pixels

4 Maintain Vertical Video Size

Youtube shorts aspect ratio is 9:16 . You need to make sure that your video is Vertial , if your video have horizontal orientation then it will not work in shorts ,and Shorts only work with vertical videos.  You can download app video maker for youtube app by inshorts to crop horizontal video to vertical size , suitaible for shorts . 

5 Small video title 

Shorts Video Size should be smaller than 50 characters , YouTube shorts gives 100 character option , but you need to use less characters so that users can view video thumbnail easily. when your video is shown in shorts feed , because in shorts feed video title is shown on top of video thumbnail.
You don’t need to use tags and custom thumbnail in Shorts videos , i have checked lots of shorts videos on YouTube which went viral , that videos are with no tags and thumbnail automatically generated from videos. If you face some problem or have some suggestion. then you can contact us from here .

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